Houkago No Salome
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Houkago No Salome

Salome After School ; 放課後のサロメ

Description :

“Can you help me paint after school?” asks my classmate Naomi. Our feet carry us to the art storage room that no one goes to. I quietly become her assistant in producing artworks. Naomi suddenly arrived at an Osaka art high school. The pride of the gifted, hardworking Renji gets torn to shreds by her ominous talent. Renji bluffs “I can come up with something like that too.” But, he gradually finds himself enthralled by her talent. He writhes in-between his self-consciousness and inferiority complex. Is she his rival or is she…?!

They produce eccentric, sensual works after school.

A striking story of art and youth released by a brilliant newcomer.

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